Summer holidays are around the corner and our therapy team have begun preparing for summer camps!

Three exciting summer camps await and we hope that there is something to suit all tastes! Each camp is unique and designed with a different skill-set in mind, but all three camps are unified in their focus on building functional skills while having a lot of FUN!

Summer Camps 2017 | Asher-Solomon Centre for Development

Brain Bootcamp (Ages 5-12)

Wanted: Budding athletes! Children will develop skills with their hands, bodies and brains to enter the fine motor Olympics at the end of the week.

  • Children will move from station to station fine tuning their coordination, strength, posture and agility; key skills needed for handwriting.
  • There will be a cursive writing station for older children
  • Children will get their hands messy with arts and crafts throughout the week.
  • The week will culminate with a fine motor Olympics with fun challenges and competitions


Adventure Camp (Ages 5-8)

Wanted: Adventurers and explorers! Children will travel around the world filling their passports with stamps.

  • Days will be themed by country
  • Gross motor warm ups will take us to each destination
  • We will use our self-organisation skills to plan our journeys
  • Fun and creative activities will include developmentally appropriate games targeting play skills
  • Children will develop their motor skills and self-organisation skills while preparing foods from different countries
  • We’ll explore the culture of each country through movement, arts and crafts.


Life Skills Camp (Ages 8-12)

Wanted: chefs, serving staff and managers for a brand new restaurant! During the week, the children will:

  • Work as a team to name the restaurant
  • Choose the menu/prices
  • Choose the roles and responsibilities of each team member
  • Outings to the wet market and hawker centre for research purposes
  • Children will have the opportunity to get their hands messy and work as a team to create amazing dishes to be served at their restaurant on the final day of camp
  • The children will go on an outing to a nearby restaurant as a treat for their efforts at being excellent budding restauranteurs.
  • The camp will focus on negotiation skills, turn-taking, problem solving, sequencing skills, team building and confidence building.